Anniversary Gifts for Him
Add some romance to your 5th wedding anniversary with one or more of these original 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men.

5th Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Men

Choosing a thoughtful gift for your guy is job one for your 5th wedding anniversary. Devoting five years as a couple is unquestionably something to celebrate. You two have undoubtedly experienced countless significant life events throughout this time period.

Traditional 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men are made from wood. With this in mind, you can locate a creative gift that your wonderful guy will love. You may even take into consideration his leisure activities and interests so you can bowl him over with useful things he’ll make use of for many years.

Here are a few wonderful ideas for 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men. :

Hand-Carved Roses that Honor Tradition

A bouquet of life-like roses made from wood makes a romantic traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift.Learn More

A wood rose bouquet sends a heartfelt message for special anniversaries. Although males are often not flower lovers, your husband may be pleased with the idea that his roses will not ever wilt or die. Pick out the wood roses in your loving husband’s favorite color and best yet begin an annual tradition of adding a new rose to your husband’s bouquet.

A Gift That Lasts Forever

Your spouse will always remember of their 5th wedding anniversary gift when you register a day in their name.View Now

Make your 5th wedding anniversary special by dedicating that day to your deserving husband. Through this online registry, you are able to present your favorite guy with a beautifully designed certificate that honors the special day you have so thoughtfully dedicated to him. Arranging an entire day doing the entertainment activities your guy gets a kick from can prove meaningful for both of you. This day also gives you an occasion to interact with your husband in such a way that will intensify the connection that you are blessed with. Your day of dedication also comes with an online profile that you can personalize with special photographs, personal notes, and much more.

Create a Your Own Anniversary Book of Love

A LoveBook can contain all the moments of the year leading up to your 5th wedding anniversary.Learn More

Your personalized LoveBook explains an amazing amount about your feelings for your husband. Each of the pages can tell the story of your marriage. Or, a cool option is to pepper the book with the ways your husband is the love of your life. You may choose to make the story funny or take a more emotional slant when setting up your LoveBook. These 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men are one of the different ways to demonstrate to your wonderful husband how deeply you love him.

Your Favorite Pictures Turned Into a Photo Mosaic

A personalized photo collage created from your favorite photos is one of several 5th wedding anniversary gift favorites.Learn More

Loving reflections blossom with Canvas Pop, a wonderful selection among 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men. Go through your treasured family snapshots and decide which ones you believe are the most meaningful for your husband. As an example, your hubby’s baby portraits are perfect to add in the masterpiece, as well as photographs the two of you began taking while dating. You can also bring in pictures that point to the life you have built as a couple, such as a snapshot of the two of you proudly posing in front of your first home, or a picture of the new dad in the delivery room holding your newborn. Your chosen images are bound to trigger some of the terrific memories in your married life. This Canvas Pop can make for an unforgettable 5th wedding anniversary gift.

Love Letter in a Bottle

A stroll on the seaside on your 5th wedding anniversary, and a note in a magical bottle.Learn More

A message in a bottle is yet another choice among 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men that will generate memories in the coming years. You can choose a bottle in a design and color that plays off your man’s personality. You customize the secret message inside which shows your hubby just how much you’ve enjoyed the most crucial five years of being married. In the years ahead, you might elect to reread the romantic note to remind you both of the special bond you share.

Celebrate Every Hour Spent Together with a Wooden Wristwatch

A unique 5th wedding anniversary watch crafted of natural wood.Learn More

A wood-crafted watch is just the ticket for your husband if he collects watches. Wood-crafted watches are featured in a variety of tones of browns, beiges and black. You can also choose a watch in earthy brown wood. This wood watch is a thoughtful one of the 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men you can include in your husband’s jewelry valet. These select watches are hypoallergenic therefore they don’t contain any detrimental chemicals. They are also an ideal 5th wedding anniversary gift if your hubby is ecologically conscious and fancies gifts that are both practical and “green.”

Like the Pieces of a Puzzle, Your Relationship was Created Together

A  puzzle featuring a favorite wedding memory makes an impressive 5th wedding anniversary gift.Learn More

An outstanding idea in traditional 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men is this Puzzle of Life. The gift holds with the custom of presenting gifts made of wood for this happy event, and it serves as a great way to commemorate a number of the best happenings in your husband’s life. To illustrate, a section of your sweetie’s puzzle can showcase a photograph of the two of you on your wedding day. Another piece can highlight the day(s) your kids were born, or the day your husband launched his own business. Another thing you can do is have his puzzle pieces engraved with short, heartfelt messages to customize the gift even further for him.

A Special Place for Beloved Belongings

A hardwood jewelry box makes a special 5th wedding anniversary gift.Learn More

A jewelry or valet box fashioned from prime quality wood material is undoubtedly one of the most cultured and stylish 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men. The gift follows the tradition of gifting wood for the 5th wedding anniversary. You can make the gift even more thoughtful if you slip another gift inside. For instance, a beautiful timepiece with your wedding date etched on it or a pair of cuff links engraved with your sweetheart’s initial do well as perfect jewelry items to put inside the men’s valet before presenting it to your hubby.

Engage in a Romantic Game of Chess

Partake in a loving 5th wedding anniversary game of darts or chess.Learn More

If your man is both the logical and sports-minded guy, these combo chess and dart game boards make ideal 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men. The chess pieces for the game board can be made of metal, wood or acrylic. The game board can serve as an ornamental decorative piece perfect for your loving home. If you remove the chessmen from the chess board, it becomes a dartboard that your sweetheart can hang in the recreational room. He is sure to remember your 5th wedding anniversary with each game he plays.

Check Out This Great 5th Wedding Anniversary Video:

Each of these gift suggestions make for terrific 5th wedding anniversary gifts for men. A thoughtful blend of this special group of gifts, along with attention toward what your husband favors, can make your 5th wedding anniversary a significant one for you both.

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