5th Anniversary Gifts
There is nothing more romantic than these loving 5th anniversary gifts.

5th Anniversary Gifts

A couple’s 5th anniversary is quite a milestone, so it deserves to be commemorated with something special. In terms of tradition, 5th anniversary gifts are typically made of wood. Wood makes for a great symbol for the fifth year of marriage, as wood represents strength and solidarity. Though a traditional gift made from wood can make a thoughtful 5th anniversary gift, anything that expresses your love and appreciation is certain to be appreciated by your spouse.

To get the creative juices going, here are nine unique 5th anniversary gifts designed to make your anniversary quite memorable:

Your Anniversary Day

A 5th anniversary gift recorded for all to see, by visiting MyDayRegistry.View Now

Want to know how to make your partner feel super special? This anniversary, do something unexpected. a day in your deserving partner’s honor. Dedicate your wedding date, your husband’s or wife’s birthday, the day you first met, or even the day of your 5th anniversary. Dates can be registered in a state, national, or worldwide day registry. You can make your gift really special with a frame to showcase your commemorative day. Let your spouse and the whole world know how special this date in history is. There aren’t many 5th anniversary gifts as innovative and romantic as this one.

Wooden Roses

A bouquet of intricate roses made from wood is a memorable traditional 5th anniversary gift.Learn More

In keeping with the 5th anniversary custom, these roses are as romantic as they are classic. Wooden roses represent passionate love, which is definitely what the greatest marriages are built around. Wood is strong, another quality of a sturdy relationship. They are available in three different colors: red, purple, and yellow. There is even a lifelike natural wood option. You may also order one, five or twelve roses.

Display Your Love With a LoveBook

A LoveBook, a classy way to tell your loved one the ways you adore them on your 5th anniversary.Learn More

Give your sweetheart a story that can be personalized to your unique tale. These books feature cartoons that depict you and your husband or wife with words and phrases that describe your love. The books have custom-made covers to suit your tastes. Choose from themes such as what you like about your spouse, how the two of you met, or choose the 5th anniversary option. This lovebook is sure to be a cherished memento of love for years to come, and an excellent option in 5th anniversary gifts.

Love In a Bottle

A heartfelt love note in a personalized bottle will certainly get your spouse smiling on your 5th anniversary.Learn More

Delivering a heartfelt message in a love-themed bottle is a lot more romantic than a greeting card. This is a beautiful gift that can be given to your partner in place of a greeting card, especially if you are going to be separated on your anniversary. These fun 5th anniversary gifts are available in several bottle designs and colors. You can even have the message bottle pre-filled with sand, seashells, or flower petals in any color you like. Select a pre-made note that speaks to the heart of your partner or put together your very own genuine expression of love. This creative gift is sure to make a cherished keepsake for many years.

A Personalized Mosaic from Your Favorite Photos

A canvas picture collage produced from your favorite pics is one of several 5th anniversary gift favorites.Learn More

Anything created from portraits from your time together makes an extremely thoughtful gift. You can choose just one favorite snapshot and have it showcased on professional canvas, or select up to 20 other snapshots and have them placed on an artistic canvas collage. You can also make an artistic mosaic using up to 200 portraits. Whatever you create, your original work of art will make a heartwarming addition to your home décor, as well as communicate volumes about your love for your partner.

Make Your Very Own Puzzle of Love

A wooden puzzle personalized with a cherished photo makes a wonderful 5th anniversary gift.Learn More

At times a relationship can seem a lot like a puzzle. But in your love story, the pieces fit together perfectly. This puzzle-like photo can be customized to fit your story and all that it entails. Add personal statements that mean something to you and your spouse. You can also include meaningful dates, occasions, or names and portraits of your children and/or other family members. The photo puzzle is crafted out of wood, making it a wonderful choice in terms of a 5th anniversary gifts.

A Traditional Wooden Anniversary Chest

An engraved keepsake box crafted from traditional 5th anniversary hardwood.Learn More

If you want to buy your sweetheart something practical on your anniversary, why not something stylish to keep their jewelry in. Made from wood, these boxes make wonderful 5th anniversary gifts. You can even add a note about your intention to add more to the box throughout your next five years of marriage. Further customize your gift by adding an engraved design or message on the lid of the box.

Honor Every Hour Spent Together with a Wood Watch

A gorgeous 5th anniversary timepiece crafted of wood.Learn More

Symbolic, gorgeous, and useful, these fine wood watches make memorable 5th anniversary gifts. They are representative of the time the two of you have shared together, and the time you desire to keep spending with your husband or wife. With various designs and colors, it’s also an eye-catching accessory. Your partner will truly appreciate the thought and sentiment that goes into this gift, in addition to its beauty.

An Elegant Anniversary Chess Set

A gorgeous wood chess or dart board is an enjoyable 5th anniversary gift.Learn More

Chess boards as gorgeous as these are more than fun—they’re artistic masterpieces. These chess boards are made of wood and the chess pieces can be purchased either as a set or separately. The chess pieces can be made of wood, metal, plastic, and other custom styles. They are the most meticulously crafted chess pieces sold through the Web. Boards are available in a number of wood grains and colors, with many including gems. For the serious chess lover, purchase a separate wood storage box to keep the pieces in when they’re not in use.

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What’s going to help make your 5th anniversary all the more special are your 5th anniversary gifts. You’re both just as crazy for each other as the day you met, but you love even more about your partner. That’s certainly worth a celebration! Select a 5th anniversary gift that tells your beloved how much you appreciate the past five years, and how excited you are to have married your one true love.

  • There is nothing more romantic than these loving 5th anniversary gifts.
    5th Anniversary Gifts

    5th Anniversary Gifts

    A couple’s 5th anniversary is quite a milestone, so it deserves to be commemorated with something special. In terms of tradition, ...
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