Anniversary Gifts for Him
Stir up the romance on your 5th anniversary with one or more of these loving 5th anniversary gift ideas for men.

5th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Men

If your 5th anniversary is circled in your datebook, chances are you simply can’t wait to buy a gift for your guy that he’ll both love and hold dear. Spending five years as husband and wife is certainly a big deal. You two have undoubtedly shared lots of major life events during this time period.

Traditional 5th anniversary gift ideas for men are made of wood. With this in mind, you can locate a creative gift that your wonderful guy will love. You may even reflect on his leisure activities and interests so you can amaze him with valuable items he’ll utilize for years to come.

Here’s a list of outstanding 5th anniversary gift ideas for men you may want to consider. :

Wood Roses that Last a Lifetime

Searching for something traditional for your 5th anniversary? These hand-carved flowers make for an excellent gift choice.Learn More

A tasteful bouquet of roses made of wood is an ingenious take on the traditional flowers that are oftentimes gifted on an anniversary. Despite the myth men are seldom flower enthusiasts, your darling man may be pleased with the notion that his roses will never shrivel up or die. Choose the long-lasting roses in your loving husband’s favorite color and better yet start a yearly tradition of adding a rose to your husband’s bouquet.

A Gift That Will Last an Eternity

A unique  day on the calendar makes your 5th anniversary romantic.View Now

Make your 5th anniversary extra special by dedicating that day to your husband. Through MyDayRegistry, you are able to present your sweetheart with a printed certificate that honors the special day you have fondly dedicated to him. Scheduling an entire day immersed in the entertainment interests your guy enjoys can turn out to be quite meaningful for you as a couple. This day also gives you a chance to relate with your man in such a way that will strengthen the bond the two of you possess. His special day also includes an online profile that you can personalize with special snapshots, videos, and much more.

Make a Sentimental Anniversary Book of Love

Write your love story for your 5th anniversary in a made-to-order Love Book.Learn More

You can also illustrate for your husband exactly how much you love and cherish him by producing a one-of-a-kind LoveBook. Each of the pages can document your marriage. Additionally, a thoughtful option is to fill the pages with the many reasons you think your loving man is so wonderful. You can choose to make the book funny or take a more sentimental style when setting up your LoveBook. These 5th anniversary gift ideas for men are one of the different ways to show your hubby that you cherish him.

Create an Anniversary Photo Mosaic

A picture mosaic is a great 5th anniversary gift for a photographer.Learn More

Loving reflections thrive with Canvas Pop, a wonderful selection among 5th anniversary gift ideas for men. Go through your precious family snapshots and determine which ones you feel will be the most meaningful for your hubby. For instance, your hubby’s baby photographs are fitting to add in the loving memory art, as well as photos the two of you took as a new couple. You can also include snapshots that show off the life the two of you built together, as in an image of the two of you in the yard of your very first house, or a picture of your sweetheart in the hospital snuggling your first child. These images are sure to inspire so many of the finest memories in your years as a couple. Your Canvas Pop can ensure an impressive 5th anniversary gift.

A Timeless Message

A secret message in a personalized bottle will surely get your spouse smiling on your 5th anniversary.Learn More

A message in a bottle is yet another choice in 5th anniversary gift ideas for men that will foster sweet memories in the years to come. The bottles are offered in a style and color that is in keeping with your man’s personality. You personalize the private message inside which shows your man just how much you’ve enjoyed the first five years of wedded life. At some moment in the coming years, you may want to read the romantic note as a reminder of the commitment you share.

Celebrate Your Time Together with a Wooden Watch

A unique 5th anniversary watch constructed from natural wood.Learn More

If your loving husband is a collector of unique timepieces, a wooden watch is a gift he will really appreciate. Wood watches are featured in many hues of brown, beiges and black. You can also find a watch in earthy brown or bronzed wood. The wooden watch is a thoughtful one of the 5th anniversary gift ideas for men you can slip in your sweetie’s trinket box. This group of unique timepieces are hypoallergenic so they have no detrimental chemicals. The watches are also an ideal 5th anniversary gift if your man is environmentally conscious and fancies gifts that are both functional and environmentally friendly.

Create a Love Puzzle with a Cherished Photo

A wooden puzzle imprinted with a treasured wedding photo makes for a clever 5th anniversary gift.Learn More

This personalized life puzzle, made from wood, is but one of the thoughtful 5th anniversary gift ideas for men you can consider. The gift is in keeping with the tradition of presenting gifts crafted out of wood for this milestone event, and the gift serves as an excellent way to highlight a number of the best experiences in your honey’s life. To illustrate, a portion of your husband’s puzzle can feature a photo of you two on your wedding day. Yet another piece can celebrate the day(s) your little ones were born, or the day your husband got underway in his own enterprise. You can also have the puzzle pieces engraved with short, loving sayings to customize the gift further for your guy.

A Classy Wooden Anniversary Chest

A time-honoring quality wood jewelry chest is a cherished 5th anniversary gift.Learn More

A jewelry box fashioned from quality wood material is undoubtedly one of the single most cultured and stylish 5th anniversary gift ideas for men. The gift holds with the custom of giving a wood gift for a 5th anniversary. You can make the gift even more thoughtful if you slip an extra gift inside. For instance, a watch with the date you got married etched on it or a pair of cuff links embossed with your sweetheart’s family crest serve as really nice jewelry items to slip in the men’s valet before giving it to your husband.

Play a Friendly Game of Chess

Partake in a loving 5th anniversary game of chess.Learn More

This handsome gift combines together skill and a favorite pastime into one of the funnest 5th anniversary gift ideas for men. The playing pieces for the game board can be made of metal, various woods or plastic. The game board can do double duty as an ornamental decoration in your home. If you put away the playing pieces from the chess board, it becomes a dart game that your husband can hang up in the garage or the recreational room. He’s certain to think back on your 5th anniversary with every round he plays.

Check Out This Beautiful 5th Anniversary Video:

Each of these gifts make terrific 5th anniversary gift ideas for men. A thoughtful blend of these gifts, along with a focus on what your husband enjoys, can make your 5th anniversary a momentous occasion for you as a couple.

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