Anniversary Gifts for Her
Add some romance to your 5 year wedding anniversary with one or more of these inspiring 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife.

5 Year Wedding Anniversary Presents For A Wife

You take a look at the calendar and there is a day circled several times with a red marker. Your sweetie is gently hinting that your wedding anniversary is at hand and it is coming up quickly. You begin to crunch the numbers in your head and you realize that this year is your 5 year wedding anniversary. Now this is a big occasion and a day to commemorate with a gift from your heart that demonstrates how much you adore and admire her! Which 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife are exceptional, magical and noteworthy?

What you need is a list of unique 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife that are guaranteed to please:

Transfer Memories In a Photo Mosaic

Relive your love story on your 5 year wedding anniversary with a unique canvas photo collage.Learn More

In terms of 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife, you’re sure to hit the mark with Canvas Pop. Through Canvas Pop, your treasured portrait or print is affixed to canvas for a one-of-a-kind gift. No matter if it is a photograph of the two of you on the day you married, a snapshot of the location of your first date, or a picture of the beautiful children you have created together, a custom-made canvas masterpiece will express to your beloved wife how much you love and cherish her.

Your Important Day Dedicated

Dedicate your wedding day in your spouse's name at MyDayRegistry as your 5 year wedding anniversary gift.View Now

Have you ever thought about how the anniversary of when you met your future wife or the day you exchanged vows was the best day of your life? Well, now you can preserve that special day for all time with a truly remarkable gift. MyDayRegistry is a one-of-a-kind online registry that lets you dedicate a date to celebrate a special someone or milestone in your life. With your online registration, you receive a certificate in a frame as authentication of ownership, and an online personal profile that can be customized with pictures, video, music, and personal notes.

A Simple Anniversary Love Story

Write the story of your life for your 5 year wedding anniversary in a hard-bound Love Book.Learn More

Do you possess the words to convey just how special your admiration is for your beloved wife? Wouldn’t it be great if you could manage that in a memorable and thoughtful way? Then LoveBook is just the option when it comes to 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife. LoveBook lets your sweetie know the many reasons you love and appreciate her and just how she captured your heart. With customizable themes, cartoons, covers, and text to select from, you can write a printed book in just a few minutes.

Beautiful Roses Carved from Wood

A bouquet of exquisite roses constructed of wood is an original traditional 5 year wedding anniversary gift.Learn More

These wood roses make more than romantic 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife —they’re lasting symbols of the passionate love you both share. The traditional anniversary gift to honor five years together is an object made with wood. Can anything be appreciated more than a hand-carved gift of intricate wood roses? Each gift is painstakingly carved by an Indonesian wood carver. Just as wonderful, these wood roses will last for years.

An Exquisite Time-Piece Hand-Crafted from Natural Wood

A time-honoring 5 year wedding anniversary watch made of quality wood.Learn More

You can always count on jewelry for a 5 year wedding anniversary. And these fashionable watches are certainly one of the most charming 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife around. Both captivating and eco friendly, these watches are crafted from scrap wood and then created into truly original pieces of art.

A Puzzle Made for Lovers

Celebrate your 5 year wedding anniversary with a made-to-order photo puzzle made of wood.Learn More

Share your love story with a personalized life puzzle. Starting with the very moment you committed to each other to your wedding day this unique puzzle makes a creative 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife. Your puzzle honors the special romance you have and the memories shared just between the two of you. You can customize it with one or more photos, along with meaningful phrases, dates, and names.

A Special Message In a Bottle

Convey your love on your 5 year wedding anniversary with an admiring love letter in a personalized bottle.Learn More

Timeless Message is the official message in a bottle. Capture how much you love her with this ageless fifth anniversary gift for her. The Timeless Message is a custom love inspired glass bottle that conveys your words of love. Imagine her face unfolding when she unfolds that piece of paper to read your expressions of love and devotion.

A Classic Wood Keepsake Box

An exquisite keepsake chest crafted from time-honoring 5 year wedding anniversary quality wood.Learn More

Another great option in 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife is a stylish jewelry box. Wood is the conventional gift to celebrate five wondrous years together, and what could be more thoughtful than an exquisite jewelry box where her rings, bracelets, and valuables can be safe and secure.

A Beautiful Anniversary Chess Set

Play a passionate 5 year wedding anniversary game of chess or darts.Learn More

Do you and your lovely wife get a kick out of intimate evenings by the fire, curled up playing games together? Then this is a truly special gift to commemorate your 5 year wedding anniversary and the happy nights to come playing together by a crackling fire. A wooden chess board encapsulates time-honored tradition with the heartfelt consideration that reflects that you genuinely love your snuggly game nights in together.

Watch This Heart-felt 5 Year Wedding Anniversary Video:

Next time you look at the calendar and discover your 5 year wedding anniversary is right around the corner, look no further than these truly unique 5 year wedding anniversary gift options. Any of the above 5 year wedding anniversary gifts will leave her feeling truly loved. From gifts that honor your time together to gifts that demonstrate you understand her like nobody else, these gift suggestions are sure to be remembered by your wife for many years. The trickiest part will be choosing which one of these 5 year wedding anniversary presents for a wife to buy!

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